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Walgreens customers have been driving hours to find this sold-out snack. Now, the chain is adding a new flavor

“I had to go to five different Walgreens to try this candy,” one TikTok user said.
compilation of Tik Tok user @trinhdoesthings trying peelable mango gummies.
TikTokers have reviewed the candy in now-viral videos.@trinhdoesthings via TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

There’s a trending food item causing rave reviews and sold-out candy aisles at Walgreens. According to the drugstore chain, it’s only getting better from here.

Walgreens confirmed to it is expanding its virally-popular peelable treat, Nice! Gummy Mango Peelable Candy, which has become exorbitantly popular on TikTok since launching last fall.

“We’re really excited about the popularity of the Nice! Mango Gummy Candy,”  Marty Esarte, vice president of Walgreens’ owned brands tells “Because of the success of the item, we’re currently expanding inventory of our mango item to 8,000 stores on May 22.”

Esarte also tells us Walgreens is adding to its burgeoning candy dynasty by launching a peelable banana gummy in 5,700 stores. This means we could see another wave of TikTok video reviews very soon as the new flavor drops on the late-May expansion date.

Last September, Walgreens released the new candy treat in about 2,500 of its 8,700 U.S. stores. The candy comes in a bag for around $1.99 and — perhaps owing to its actually-peelable nature, gooey interior and well-reviewed flavor — has drawn millions of views on TikTok under hashtags like #peelablegummy, #mangocandy, #peelablemangogummy and more.

Walgreens, however, declined to reveal how many bags of the candy it has sold so far.

The gummy is similar to other peelable candies like the line of Peelerz from candy brand Amos, which includes mango, and peelable grapes from Asian candy company Chuanghui Candy.

Still, the drugstore chain’s version is getting all the hype and, according to executives, its viral popularity was a bit of a surprise. 

The first viral review of the candy came back in January when TikToker @Trinhdoesthings got a hold of a package at her local Walgreens. Racking up 8.9 million views, the video spread far beyond the influencer’s 1.4 million followers.

A representative from Walgreens tells @Trinhdoesthings and other TikTokers helped the product go viral in January — they say it started flying off shelves and the chain blew through its inventory in 4 days. 

Though, Marty Esarte, vice president of Walgreens, told CNN in September they sold out four to five days after launch — which, according to Walgreens, was in October. “If we had expected that to happen, we probably would have had more,” he said.

“I’ve been seeing these all over social media,” @Trinhdoesthings says while opening a package of the candy.

“This is so fun,” she continues, peeling the outer skin of the mango-shaped treat and eating the slick, yellow-orange section inside. After complimenting the inner part’s softness, she bites into the matte peel. “This is so fun to eat.”

Others reviewers say they’ve gone to great lengths to get their hands on the candy, with most calling it, “hard to find.”

“I had to go to five different Walgreens to find this candy,” TikTok user @crownmecutie says in her video, which garnered 4.9 million views. “The skin feels like the texture of a real mango,” she said after taking a bite, adding “I definitely want Tajin on this.”

“I drove an hour to get these gummies so let’s go ahead and try it out,” TikToker @angelinakhang says in her video which has generated 2.8 million views. “Not to be dramatic you guys but it literally tastes like a ripe mango.”

Because many of these videos are from months prior, you may think the fervor has died down. But reviews of the candy are still going viral as of April, with one video by @shehastiktok2 getting 1.2 million views.

Walgreens also eventually reposted @trinhdoesthings’s video, saying in its caption, “We’re loving everyone’s reaction to our Nice! Mango Gummy Peelable Candy ✨🤩.”

The TikTok-famous treat has also made its way to reseller sites like Mercari, eBay and more, with some packages going for as much as $89 (plus shipping) for 12 bags. That’s more than three times the retail price of a bag in-store. 

The popularity of the candy has spread to other social media sites too, with posts on Reddit, X and Instagram.

While feedback of the candy on TikTok is mostly positive, reviews on the Walgreens website are mixed. Many folks leaving one star reviews said they never received their orders, and those who did seem divided on both the candy’s flavor profile and the fact that they were only limited to one bag per online order.

“Bought these for me and my daughter because of TikTok videos showing how amazing these were,” wrote one reviewer. “They in fact are not that great, at first you get the mango flavor and by the time you eat a second one it starts to taste like chemicals and I’ve had better mango flavored gummies. Do not recommend.”

Another one-star reviewer wrote, “they smell like diapers (clean diapers)” and “They’re so gross .... they smell like diapers. Would not recommend. Absolutely NOT worth the hype.”

While there are more than 85 one-star reviews so far, there are 65 five-star reviews to rival them. One verified purchaser wrote, “Believe the hype these are hella good.”