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50 math jokes and puns that are the perfect equation for laughter

We can’t sum up how much fun these are.

For all the math lovers — and, okay, Dad jokes lovers — out there, a good math joke is worth its weight in ounces, grams and pounds. 

If you're looking for cringe-worthy puns and math jokes that would make Pythagoras crack a smile, we’ve gathered a wide array of math jokes below. With this list of funny jokes, it’s all about the geometric jabs to get you laughing out loud. Whether you’re a calculus wizard or just looking for a funny one-liner to put in a birthday card for a beloved math teacher in your life, we’ve got just the formula for success.

Ahead, we’ve got enough amazing math jokes, math knock-knock jokes and math puns to put you in stitches. Ready to add a laugh to your day? Keep reading.

Best math jokes

  • Why was the math book sad? It had too many problems.
  • Where do math lovers go on vacation? Times Square.
  • Where do math lovers go on a tropical vacation? The Bermuda Triangle.
  • In life, what’s the one thing you can always count on? A calculator.
  • Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet.
Math jokes
  • How did the equal sign stay so humble? Because it knew it wasn’t less than or greater than anyone else.
  • Why should you never talk to pi? Because it will go on and on forever.
  • Why is the obtuse angle so frustrating? Because it's never right.
  • What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless.
  • Why did the circle go to the gym? To get in shape.

Corny math jokes

  • Which king loved fractions? Henry the ⅛.
  • What do you call a crushed angle? A rectangle.
  • Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach? Because it was over 90 degrees.
  • Have you heard the latest statistics joke? Probably.
  • What did one math book tell another math book? I’ve got my own problems.
Math jokes

Math jokes about pi

  • What’s a math teacher’s favorite dessert? Pi à la mode. 
  • What do you call a snake that’s 3.14-feet long? A π-thon!
  • How many pastry chefs does it take to make a pi? 3.14
  • What did the pi say to its lover? You look absolutely radian.
  • Why should you take it easy on the pi? To avoid the big circumference.
Math jokes

Math jokes for kids

  • Why did the student eat his homework? Because the math teacher said it was a piece of cake.
  • What did zero say to eight? Nice belt.
  • What do you call a number that can’t sit still? A roamin’ numeral.
  • Why did the student do multiplication problems on the floor? The math teacher said not to use tables.
  • Did you hear about the fraction who became a musician? It learned to play by ear.
Math jokes
  • What do you call friends who love math? Alge-bros.
  • Why did seven eat nine? Because you’re supposed to eat three squared meals a day.
  • Why was the fraction so kind? Because it was proper.
  • Why don’t plants like math? They want to avoid square roots.
  •  A nose can’t be 12 inches long, because then it would be a foot.

Math puns

  • Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine.
  • Why didn’t the two 4s grab lunch? They already 8.
  • I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.
  • Why did the student bring a ladder to algebra class? They heard the course was on a higher level.
  • Why did the calculus student break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t differentiate between a good and bad pun.
Math jokes
  • The algebra book wanted to go on a date with the geometry book, but they couldn’t find any common factors.
  • Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers? She stopped at nothing to avoid them.
  • The percentage couldn’t understand why it kept getting overlooked. It just couldn’t seem to get its point across.
  • The percentage and the decimal got into an argument. The decimal said, “You’re just a fraction of what I am!”
  • Why was the geometry book tired? Because it had too many angles to cover.

Adult math jokes

  • Why was the fraction scared to marry the decimal? It didn’t want to convert.
  • Why did everyone want to hang out with the $1 million bill? Because it had a million-dollar charm.
  • What do you call a man who spent all summer at the beach? A tangent.
  • Why don't mathematicians ever throw wild parties? Because they like keeping their functions under control.
  • I asked the percentage why it was always so confident, and it replied, “I’m just 100% sure of myself!”
Math jokes
  • Math is like love; a simple idea, but it can get complicated.
  • Why did the math teacher break up with the calendar? It has too many dates.
  • Why did the number six feel bad about itself? Because even though it’s perfect, it’s not a prime.
  • Why did the triangle go to the doctor? It was an acute situation. 
  • Why did the geometry teacher climb the mountain? To reach the peak of proof.